We believe it's time for youth, as well as the world to see Christian leaders and lay persons both baby boomers and millennial's UNITE to provide youth with the reinforcements they need to rise from the shadows of darkness.


We believe youth deserve an exceptional daily hang-out SPOT that is safe, fun and designed to offer "state of the arts" recreation, community leadership training, all facets of the arts activities, technical, and digital training, all facets of the media, with a focus on community outreach and creating youth entrepreneurs.  A SPOT equipped with on-site Christian mental health professionals who provide both individual and group therapy for youth struggling in the center. 

Christian Evangelistic Center for youth ages 12-24. 

Youth need a center that motivates them to ev

We believe youth need a Christian Evangelistic Center where they can motivate their peers to try Jesus.  With the support of a team of leaders we believe youth will encourage one another to support each other, while boldly standing strong to lift the moral standard in their communities and in our United States of America...

Justin L. Davis Foundation Service Announcement

Together we can prevent another crisis... JOIN THE NETWORK!

Justin L. Davis - Forever Loved and Forever Missed! Prayer Vigil, March 2010

11/27/1987 - 02/27/2010