The entertainment world has lost its FLAVOR! It has lowered its  STANDARD! It is working against mankind as a whole.  Much of today's media is working to tare away at every household.  No matter what your race, creed, or economic structure is today, the media can get in the heart of your children and/or other family members and destroy their soul.  Of course not all media is bad media, but today there is a destructive force that has the power to sway the life choices of an ones mind. It works as a confirmation  to ones life's pains, and disappointments. Too many in the BLACK COMMUNITY, unfortunately have risen out of the snare of the  slavery mindset, they are the target of this media battle.  

The Black Champion piece was written from the thought of what our great leader, Martin Luther King would say if he lived in our world today.  What would he think about the media and its promotion of the defamation of character in the Black Community. What would he say to us to warn and/or encourage us to rise above the many media SNARES sent to enslave brains. Today we do not have slaves in chains, we have brains in chains!