Grieving God's Way


Before Justin's death I could only sympathize with someone who had lost a  love one. Watching them grieve and trying to identify with their pain  in order to be of some comfort along their journey, was a difficult  task. Well today, I wish I was still the outsider looking... 

After the Pain is Passion and Purpose


I share this early experience of Justin's traumatic head injury just in case you have a child who has suffered a traumatic brain injury (Whether it was diagnosed or not). A Traumatic Brain Injury is very dangerous and you should always contact the... 

"It's All My Fault" Living Pass Guilt


It was about six months after Justin's death. I began to wonder what   happened to bring us to this dreaded day. As I pushed through grief,  I looked back for answers. I found a string of actions where the results seemed to lead Justin through doors which made  things worse in his life. As I pondered over each equally pivotal moment

Black Champions


Black Champions was written from the thought of what our great leader, Martin Luther King would say if he lived in our world today.  What would he think about the media and its promotion of the defamation of character in the Black Community. What  would he say to us to warn and encourage us to rise above the many media SNARES today!