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Life presents a pattern of circumstances that for many, blind our minds and block our destinies. “Born Into Dysfunction: To Be Remade” is a fascinating novel about the life of the author. When the author was nine years old she received a visit from an angel, a white light in the form of a man who stood in the doorway of her bedroom. She was unaware  that she had a prophetic gift, and that her gift would be mistaken as a  mental illness because of her family's history of schizophrenia. The  twist in her story began with her mother’s fear that this was happening to her. Her mother’s fear translated to hate, and the world’s  dysfunction rose to co-sign with the same spirit of rejection. Every dysfunctional episode caused her innocence to fall behind the walls of a self-built prison.  By 34, her life spiraled out of control. Just as she hit bottom about to commit suicide, she experienced another supernatural encounter. The angel assigned to her life, spoke these  words, “There are no failures in God!” Miraculously, God began to reveal to her that He allows us to be, “Born into Dysfunction in order to be   REMADE.”

Her story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through her dark, dysfunctional years, into her Kingdom experience. Her life’s journey made it clear that God’s plan is to use our suffering as a light in the  darkness. Her touch with the supernatural made it clear that Jesus conquered the war, but individually, we must all fight a battle that can only be won by FAITH. 

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