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PARENTS W/A VOICE - A Note From the Founder

All over our world today youth are acting in ways that are detrimental to their future growth and development. In addition to the everyday struggles of adolescents, they are being mentally and emotionally manipulated by the flood of negative images the media sets before them. The Parent Television Council (PTC) State of the Television Industry Report did a study that says; "By the time the average child turns 13 they have witnessed over 8,000 murders and have seen over 100,000 other acts of violence and we don't know how much sexual immorality youth digest daily. With the influx of negative imagery on top of normal hormonal changes, and the additional daily stress they face, many young people have slipped into an early depression. This is really happening parents, and we need to be aware. 

Should we as parents shrink back and give in to what society is presenting as the "new normal" or should we stand together determined that our children are worthy of our protection and create change? It has been said that for evil to prevail, a good man must do nothing. I say, it is time for us to do something. It is time to create change!  Lets band together to provide information and support to one another during these very difficult times. For more information contact us. Place Parents w/a VOICE in the subject line. I am waiting to hear from you... 

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