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THE HISTORY of the Foundation


In 1996, Jesus the Spiritual Connection Christian Outreach Network (JTSCCON) began its ministry as a forerunner to taking the love of God to the streets. We used a truck that had a stage with two generators.  and partnered with local ministers to put on concerts with local artists in lower income communities. We cooked food, provided clothing, toys, lots of toys and a word of hope to the inner-city/urban streets of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area. In 2001 we were determined a 501(c)3. From the beginning, the ministry acted as a collaborator and liaison to help the Church unite to provide area communities with what was desperately needed.  In 2002 the ministry received a brand new vision. The ministry was to act as a type of Noah and build an Ark." God said, "I will give you the strategic tools and materials to build the Ark. The Ark will carry youth safely into the millennium."  The mission continued with its original work but the Founder began to develop therapeutic youth programs as a "test" to what was lacking in the youth community, and what she would make sure was in the youth center. She also began to gathering information for a space where youth can spend quality time in recreation.  In working with youth in the communities  it made sense to provide youth with a fun place that also equips them to live Brave, Bold and Purposed lives in what was becoming a very dark and dysfunctional society. She pursued the vision thinking that it would be a center for that time, and for her children as well. A center like that was much needed.

From 2002 - 2010 the Network developed many diverse, art centered, therapeutic, character development, youth programs. The Network also began to gather proposal and budget information waiting for God's leadership to build the Ark. During this time, the Founder along with other parent's worked hard to provide an environment, that included weekly youth group bible studies, and opportunities for our kids to serve the community. Although many efforts were put into protecting the children in our group, they were still sucked into the growing darkness. It became apparent that the negatives surrounding our positive efforts were overpowering the youth. Our youth needed greater reinforcements. They need a constant flow of "water to the seeds" we are planting.  

youth need Greater Reinforcements


CONTINUED... The death of the vision

 In 2010, it appeared as though the vision had come to an end. The Founder's, youngest son Justin L. Davis was murdered. 

She fought for years to help her son rise out of the snare of the enemy moving through depression, but to no avail. She always believed that the vision of the Ark, was given in order to save her own children as well as others but at this point she was convinced that she had missed God. Later she learned that it was all a part of God's plan. 

Suffering through grief, with a deep disappointment and lack of understanding of God's decision,  she laid the hope for the Ark down. Her heart to reach youth died with Justin that day.  


The re-berthing of the vision

 In 2011, one year later, the vision was miraculously restored. God spoke life through the grief. He had called Justin a type of sacrificial lamb, and said that his life would carry more value in his death than it would have ever carried in his life. He said,

Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the  ground and die, it abides alone: but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit.

Justin's seed of depression and addiction fell on the rich soil of God's heart.  It was comforting to know that Justin's death did not catch God off guard. God had Justin in mind when He spoke the vision the first time. 



God's Plan


 God was planning strategically to provide youth ages 12-24 with a safe place that is designed to entertain, train and sustain youth through their journey to adulthood. This place is also designed to rescue youth from the lows of depression and/or addiction.  God has a plan and our youth today are at the center of His plan.  


Pressing Towards The Ark


In 2011 God spoke again, "Pull out the vision for the Ark, for it is an END TIMES MINISTRY." He said, "The Ark would be a prototype facility to build a youth culture that is Brave, Bold and Purposed.  Ms. Denise felt led to name the Foundation in honor of her son. 

Through her grief season, the Network's 501 (c)3 status went into revoke. In 2014 the Foundation was established as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. The Foundation is a faith-based, solution driven, intervention and prevention ministry. 

Today, Jesus the Spiritual Connection Christian Outreach Network continues as the pathway that brings collaborative support to meet the needs of our youth.  

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